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Cashback bonuses


The term cashback is familiar to cardholders. Undoubtedly, most of them will agree that the return of part of the costs is a good incentive.

There is a similar reward system in online casinos. The idea of ​​its use in gambling came to the owners of gambling establishments long before the opportunity to play on the Internet appeared. It was implemented in ground-based gaming clubs and consisted of providing free drinks and snacks for regular customers.

From this article you will learn:

  • What is casino cashback?
  • What happens and how is it charged?

Cashback in online casinos: how the main variations are accrued.

Cashback bonuses are a special type of rewards for players in online casinos. Cashback bonuses return of a part of lost money, deposits or the amount of bets for a certain period of time. Cashback bonuses “safety” deposits, as they give users a second chance to wager in case of failure. The size of the return varies from 2% to 20% and most often depends on user activity.

Most often, cashback bonuses can be obtained

  • Of the total amount of deposits. In this case, the player receives a certain percentage of the amount of deposits for a specified period
  • From lost funds. Such a cashback is considered from losing the client for a certain period.

For what period can cashback be credited?

  • Daily – most often available only to players with the highest VIP levels;
  • Weekly – money back for activity during the week;
  • Monthly is paid, as a rule, on the 1st of each month.

In some cases, the institution itself determines the frequency of payment, depending on the VIP status of the player. For example, players with an initial level can activate cashback 1 per month, and with the highest – 1 time per day;

How is a cashback bonus issued?

  • In cash. The most common option, in which the user receives a percentage of deposits or losses in the form of real money on the balance;
  • Loyalty points. They can be immediately exchanged for real money or saved, in order to get a higher exchange rate and other privileges;

Wagering cashback bonus:

  • No wager. Received money can be managed as you wish;
  • With a wager where it is necessary to place bets from 3 to 40 times of the amount of the bonus received.

Accrual cashback bonus:

  • Automatically;
  • Upon request to customer support. This is done so that the client himself decides whether he needs this bonus or not;

Pay attention to the period of time that is allocated for activation and wagering of the received cashback bonus.

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