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How To Choose An Online Casino?

Today, a huge number of online casinos operate on the gambling industry market. Before signing up, there are a number of factors to check in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

When choosing an online casino, you need to check its license. It is controlled by a special commission.

The bonus program is one of the advantages of any online casino. Players should go into the bonus terms, as well as wagering requirements. Dishonest establishments usually promise huge bonuses but it will be impossible to withdraw them. You’d better to keep out of such resources.

Easy navigation is another point to consider. If the important section from the menu isn’t opened with a single click or you have to spend a lot of time looking for the necessary information, the online casino has something to hide. Online casinos are required to keep information about their work in the public domain.

The range of games also gives an idea of how online casinos work. High-status establishments have a large collection of games and constantly replenish it with new products different genres.

How Does An Online Casino Work?

There are many online casinos operating on the Global Network today. They are specialized sites running on special software developed by leading online gambling companies. To use the entire list of services presented at the gambling club, you must register entering your personal information.

After creating your account, players need to replenish their accounts. Financial transactions are made in a variety of ways. After making a deposit, you can start playing. The large selection of video games of different genres testifies to the reliability of online casinos. Many of them are provided in demo versions. Users play with virtual money. Demo version is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the characteristics of a video game, gain invaluable experience without risking your funds. Online casinos willingly offer their customers to play for free. If the game is fun and guarantees generous payouts, then you can make a real bet.

All online casinos offer bonuses. Their number and size depend on the online casino.

Online casinos usually offer 24/7 support service, which gives comprehensive answers to your questions. To contact its employees, players can use the hotline phone, online chat or e-mail.

It should also be noted that casinos guarantee the safety of their operations. They use reliable security systems. Reliability is an important criterion. It is defined quite simply. Pay attention to the age of online casinos. The longer the period of its activity under the single title, the higher the likelihood that it does not deceive its customers. If the online casino changed its logo many times and merged with other clubs, then it is better to refuse partnership with such a resource.

How To Play Online Casino For Real Money?

The popularity of online casinos is constantly growing. The audience of those wishing to hit the jackpot increases every day. You can only get large payouts in the game for real money. To achieve this goal, you first need to choose a reliable source of stable income and positive emotions.

Solid winnings can only be obtained at an online casino with great reputation that works honestly. After you select the appropriate online gambling club, you need to create an account. This point is mandatory, since only registered customers have no restrictions on making real bets.

The next step involves making a deposit using any payment system. As soon as the account is replenished, you can open the game menu and choose any game from the assortment offered. You can make real bets, and your winnings can be withdrawn using a convenient payment method.

How To Make Deposits And Withdrawals?

To make deposits at online casinos, gambling establishments offer a list of convenient and relevant methods. The most common options are credit and debit cards Visa/MasterCard and electronic payment systems. Bank transfers are also accepted, and deposits made through payment terminals are allowed as well. Before you start making deposits, you should familiarize yourself with all the options available, and learn the features. Each payment system has its limits, processing time and the size of commission. In order to avoid mistakes, it’s better to study the details.

 How To Withdraw Money From An Online Casino Account?

The issue of withdrawing money is relevant for players who have won and want to make a cash out. The guarantee that the funds will be paid out is the online casino license which confirms the honesty and reliability of the online platform. You should always pay attention to the availability of appropriate certificates.

Financial transactions are carried out using one of the methods including debit and credit cards VISA, MasterCard, Maestro; electronic payment systems Webmoney, Ukash, Qiwi, PaySafeCard, Skrill, Wallet and others; banking systems Alfa-Click, Privat24 and others.

 Choose licensed online casinos with good reputation, and enjoy its advantages, generous bonuses, professional support service, and just relax and have fun not worrying about its fairness.


How to Play Roulette

Starting from the17th century roulette holds positions in top-popular casino games. Maybe this fact can be explained with simple rules and exciting gameplay. In this article, we will talk about roulette rules and strategies and provide you with all the information you need to win.

Basic Roulette Rules

Visually roulette includes a table where bets are placed, a wheel, and a white ball. Normally a wheel consists of 36 numbers and “0”, some games might have also “00” or no zero at all. A dealer throws a ball and it stops on one of the wheel’s sections with a certain number.

There are three main types of online roulette:

  • French (with one zero section);
  • American(with double zero section);
  • No zero roulette.

The table where bets are placed is covered with numbers correlating with the ones of the wheel. The possible options to bet on are:

  • Exact number,
  • Black or Red,
  • Even or Odd,
  • First 12, Second 12, Third 12,
  • 1-18, 19-36,
  • Zero.

How Much Each Bet Can Win?

All the bets in roulette are called ‘inside’ and ‘outside bets. Inside bets are placed on certain numbers, and the payouts are:

  • Betting on one number brings 35 to 1;
  • Splitting your bet on two numbers gives 17 to 1;
  • ‘Street’ is a bet made on three numbers and it pays 11 to 1;
  • Bets on corners that covers 4 numbers and pays 8 to 1;
  • Betting on 6 numbers gives 5 to 1.

Keep in mind that some specific types of roulette can have more options for ‘inside’ bets. Now let’s talk about outside bets. They are made outside the number map and do not include numbers. They are:

  • Betting on colors pays 1 to 1;
  • Column betting that includes 12 numbers and pays 2 to 1;
  • Dozen betting also pays 2 to 1;
  • High or low gives 1 to 1;
  • Even or odd gives 1 to 1.

Different roulette games can have a different RTP rate, but on average it varies from 94% to 98%. Before choosing an exact roulette to play, check this information.

Roulette Strategies

Now when you know the rules and the bet types you must have a question about how to win. So let’s talk about strategies.

The Martingale Betting Strategy

This strategy is quite simple. The main idea is that when you lose a hand you need to double your previous bet. Even if you lose several times again, eventually you will win. And in this case, the winnings will be big enough to cover your previous losses. You will be at least even or might even win something.

On one hand, this strategy sounds logical and promising, but on the other hand, you need to be ready to spend some money and keep calm. In this way, a good idea to use this strategy is when you are playing roulette with a low minimum bet.  Also do not forget to check the limits for a maximal bet that should also be high enough.

The Grand Martingale Strategy

This strategy is similar to a previous one, but it has some differences. You double your bet and add the amount of the original amount of your initial bet. This makes a payout much more significant in case if you win.

The Reverse Martingale Strategy

Here the rules are similar but must be followed in a reverse way. You do not double your bet if you lose, but you increase it when you win. This is a great way to minimize losses, especially if you have a winning period.

The d’Alembert System

If you do not want to opt for doubling bets, you should consider other options. Here you do not double your bet, but in case of losing you need to bet on one more area of the table. And if you win, you decrease one of the units. For example, if you placed your initial bet on red and lost, next time you need to make a bet both on red and black.

One more variation of the strategy is Reverse. When you win you add one more area to bet on, and when you lose, you decrease the number of areas.

The main advantage of this strategy is that if you win as many bets as you lose, you will stay even. But the disadvantage is that roulette has a zero which makes an even bets strategy weaker.

The Fibonacci Strategy

This approach is perfect for conservative players. It’s probably one of the safest existing strategies. It’s based on the famous Fibonacci numbers that look this way:

1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610 – 987

Here every next number is a sum of the two previous ones.

How can this be implemented in roulette? It can be applied for even bets only: Odd/Even, Black/Red, and 1-18/19-36. The number in the sequence shows how much you need to bet next time. You start with 1 and increase the bet until you win. And after you win you start the sequence over again.

Despite this is the safest strategy, it will not help you to win much.

The James Bond Strategy

This approach will work for you if you do not want to spend much time playing. It gives 2/3 chances to win. It has three steps to be made:

1)            you make a $140 bet on a number from 19 to 36;

2)            place a $50 bet on a number from 13 to 18;

3)            Make a $10 bet on zero.

The All-In Strategy

Actually, this is not a good strategy for winning, but it works if you want to experience the adrenaline and win big. Probably, it’s the riskiest approach. You need to place the whole bankroll on one number. It’s a huge risk, but if you win, this will be significant, the payout is x35.

The Constant Bet Strategy

The main idea is that your bet always remains the same no matter if you win or lose. This is a perfect roulette strategy for players who want to have fun, and do not regard casinos as a way to earn money.

Which Strategy to Choose?

A good thing about online casinos is that you can try every game in a demo mode. It’s also true for roulette. You can spend some time before switching to real money mode and check the listed above strategies or create your own.

One more benefit of online roulette is that you can see the results of previous spins.  This helps to decide what type of bet to place next.

What Is Video Poker

Videopoker is a type of online casino game based on five-card poker rules. First games appeared in land-based casinos in the middle of the 1970s. The main goal of the game is to make a certain poker combination. Video Poker machines use a random number generator, so every draw is random.

Video Poker Rules and Combinations

In every deal you will receive five cards. After you look at them you decide which cards to discard and which ones to keep. You will be given new cards instead of discarded ones. After that you receive a payout according to your combination’s value.

The benefit of online video poker is that this is a single-player game. That is why you do not need to worry about bluffing. Probably, this is one of the reasons why video poker is so popular.

Another reason is a high RTP rate, it might be up to 99.54%. When choosing an exact game, remember to check the house edge.

Your goal is to collect one of the hands:
• Pair of Jacks or higher;
• Two Pairs (two cards of one rank and two cards of another rank);
• Three of a Kind (includes three cards of the same rank);
• Straight (five cards of consecutive rank, suit and color doesn’t matter);
• Flush (consist of five cards of same suit);
• Full House (includes one Pair and a Three of a Kind)
• Royal Flush (consists of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten of the same suit).

The harder combination you collect the higher payout you receive. You are highly recommended to check the payout table before playing.

How to Play Video Poker

1. First choose a casino. You can look through the list of trusted casinos on our website. After you choose a casino and make a deposit, you can move to the next step.
2. Choose a game. Look through payout tables and check the RPT information. Learn the rules of the chosen game type. Try it in a free mode, and only when you make your choice switch to the real money mode.
3. Make a bet. Most games allow you to make bets from 1 to 5 coins. Here you can think of a strategy to ensure your payback.
4. Make a decision if you need to discard some of your cards or you are ok with what you are given.

Types of Videopoker

There exist different variations of the game, but here we will talk about the main types. They differ one from another in two ways: firstly, how the game is played, and secondly, the payout schedule.
1. Jacks or Better is probably the most popular one. To win you need to collect a hand of at least a pair of jacks or better. Different Jacks or Better games might have different payout for combinations that is why it’s highly recommended to look through the payout table before playing.
2. Deuces Wild.  This video poker game variation is played with 5 cards. The main feature of this variation is that deuces plays a role of a wild card and can replace other cards.
3. Double Bonus. This is a variation of Jacks or Better game with a special bonus for a payout of four Aces.
4. Joker Poker. This type features two Joker cards added to the deck. So, you will have two cards that can substitute others and help you to collect a winning combination.
5. All American. This video poker variation gives you increased payouts for Flush and Straight combinations.

Video Poker Tips

• Check a payout table before playing the game. Pay attention that most ‘Wild’ game variations have reduced payouts on big combinations.
• Think of playing video poker games with progressive payouts. This will help to increase profitability of the game.
• When deciding which combination to collect, always opt for the lower one.
• There is no sense to try card guessing because the game is 100% random.
• There exist strategy charts you can use while playing the game. They will help you to make a decision on which cards to discard.

What is Blackjack?

Blackjack is a card game also known as Twenty-One and famous in both land-based and online casinos. It’s a great option for players with a mathematical set of mind and the ability to count cards. The rules are simple, and the gameplay is intriguing. Keep reading to find out the rules and strategies of this card game.

Some History

Blackjack’s golden era starts from World War I. But originally the game come from France and started to spread in the middle of the 18th century. It was called Vingt-et-Un (French for 21). From that time the game has spread all around the world and today Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games.

Twenty-One Main Rules

It standard game a 52-a cards pack is normally used. The main goal of the games is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over 21. Cards color and suit doesn’t have any effect. Every card has its value:

1)    Ace can be both counted as 11 or 1. A combination with Ace is called ‘soft’, while all other hands are called ‘hard’;

2)    Cards from 2 to 10 have the same value as the number of the card;

3)    Face cards (Jack, Queen, and King) worth 10.

Blackjack is a kind of so-called ‘beat the dealer’ games. If you collect 21 points exactly, this is called a blackjack.

lackjack is usually paid out as 3:2 or 2:1. But there also are two more ways to beat the dealer:

  • To collect a hand value less than 21 but higher than dealer’s hand value;
  • If a dealer goes over 21, while you do not.

How to Play Blackjack Step-by-Step

First, you need to choose a coin value. If you’re new to Blackjack it’s recommended to start with small bets, while more experienced or ready to risk players can choose a higher coin value. After that, you place a bet and wait for the dealer to deal the cards. The dealer places one card face up for you and one card face down for her/himself.  And once again – one card for you, and one for her/himself this time both face up.

When you see and count the value of the cards, it’s time to decide how you would like to play the hand. The value of the hand will be from 4 to 21, if at this stage you managed to collect Blackjack, congratulations, it pays off with no need to continue the round. These are the ways you can play the hand:

  • Stand, you do not take any more cards and wait for the dealer to play the hand;
  • Hit means that you need more cards to increase your hand’s value. The dealer will give you more cards until you decide to stand or until you go over 21 (that is called ‘bust’).

After that, a dealer plays a hand, and the winner is determined. If you and a dealer have an equal hand value, it’s called ‘push’. In this case, you do not win or lose anything, you’re just given your initial bet back.

Blackjack Strategies and Tips

To choose how to play your hand you need to analyze two factors: the dealer’s face-up card value, and your own cards. To decide upon your next move you can use online strategy charts that are mathematically counted possibilities of your winning or loss. Just find your hand value and dealer’s open card in the chart, and you will see the best possible choice – to stand or to hit.

Let’s go to blackjack tips that will help you to win instantly:

  • Choose a proper casino. A fair play is guaranteed with the licensed software. You can see the list of recommended casinos on our website and read the reviews.
  • Pick a game. Different providers and game types can have their own differences. You should also look through an RTP rate. The higher it is the better.
  • Check the rules of the chosen game. For example, some variations have an option to surrender or to split, and some do not.
  • Test a game in demo mode before switching to real money bets.
  • Use the Blackjack strategy chart for better results.

Blackjack and Card Counting

Unfortunately, the card counting strategy can be effective only when playing live casino blackjack. In other cases, it’s impossible to use this method.

But what is actually card counting? It’s a technique that will help you to follow the number of low and high cards, that gives you clues about what card can be next. The easiest system works this way: for low cards (2, 3, 4, 5, 6) add one point, and for high cards (10, J, Q, K, A) deduct one.

Final thoughts

When playing some other games like roulette, it’s highly advisable to choose a certain betting strategy and to follow it. Experienced players say that these methods do not work for Blackjack. So after learning and understanding the rules, the best tip to instantly beat the dealer is to use a basic chart and to be attentive.



Hottopcasono_HELP Gambling addiction


Online casino is a large and comprehensive market with many attractive promotions and interesting offers that are quite generous. First of all, in the Online casino, Players independently choose Pokies for free spins or for real money and determine the amount of deposit and the amount of the bet in the game. When playing in a casino, people experience unique sensations from the game process, win large sums, leaving bright events in human life. But there are opposite situations: as in any business, you need to approach consciously, evaluating your needs and opportunities. Sometimes it happens that some players begin to experience a game addiction to the game.

Help in gambling (gambling addiction)

Thanks to the Responsible Gambling Trust Fund, administered by the New South Wales Responsible Gambling Authority. Assistance can be provided in all States and territories of Australia:

  1. Australian Capital Territory;
  2. New south wales;
  3. Northern Territory;
  4. Queensland;
  5. South australia;
  6. Victoria;
  7. Western australia;
  8. Tasmania;

You can get:

  • Free round-the-clock chat
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