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Gambling in Queensland

Gambling in Queensland: A Detailed Overview

Gambling was legalized in Queensland a long time ago. Nowadays, the industry offers plenty of opportunities to anyone who wishes to gamble. Moreover, everything you win stays with you because the law doesn’t require winners to pay taxes on their prizes.

No wonder so many people gamble in this region. While there is only a dozen of land-based casinos, the state attracts gamblers from all over the country. Let’s find out more about the peculiarities of gambling in Queensland as well as some legal aspects of it.

Facts and figures

You might think you know everything about gambling in Australia. But let me tell you, Queensland has lots of surprises up its sleeve. These are some top facts that are sure to surprise you:


5 million

Land Size

1,852,642 km


The Sunshine State

Gambling Age


Land Casinos


  • According to the study that happened back in 2003, every third gambler in the world is Australian. Probably half of them live in Queensland;

• Over 80% of adult residents use gambling as entertainment (it’s the biggest number in the world);

18 of the largest world casinos are located in Australia, 2 are in Queensland;

The biggest casino in Queensland is Aquis Great Barrier Reef Casino (3600 gaming machines, 140 table games);

On average, a resident spends $1600 more on gambling than anywhere else

All of Queensland’s casinos combined have 10,170 slots and slot machines;

Twelve casinos in the region have a total of 318 tables;

Various casino properties take up a total of 336,218 square feet;

•In 2018, the Queensland Treasure published statistics that state that in 2017-2018, Australians bet over $242 billion!

Cities where you can gamble

Cities Where You Can Gamble

If you plan a trip that will involve gambling, the best choice is to go to Brisbane. This city has some worthy options like Treasury Casino, Eagle Farm Racecourse, etc.

No matter what kind of gambling you are into, there is something for everybody. This city has six casinos. The state has five other cities that have casinos and pari-mutual facilities.

Legal aspects of the gambling industry in Queensland

The Queensland Office of Gaming Regulation oversees the legal aspects of gambling in the region. It’s the institution that issues licenses to new casinos.

Back in 2001, the Federal Interactive Gaming Act banned gaming websites in the whole country. However, as of February 2021, Queensland gamblers have no restrictions regarding online gambling.

Apart from the above, some extra-legal statements regulate the work of every casino in Queensland and the industry as a whole. They all regulate different aspects of the industry – from taxing to game regulation.

You have probably heard about the Brisbane Casino Agreement Act (1992). The country took into account everything by introducing other regulations like Lotteries Act, Wagering Act. Each document is focused on a particular aspect lest they contradict one another.

Nowadays, two main bodies also control the industry’s functioning. They are:

  1. ACT Gambling and Racing Commission (controls aspects like quality and game fairness);
  2. Liquor and Gaming South Australia agency (verifies the casino owners have proper documents, permissions to sell alcohol/cigarettes, etc.).

The impact of gambling on Queensland residents’ lives

Queensland offers Australian players plenty of opportunities to gamble. They can bet on racing, sports, or gamble in casino games (slots, card games, etc.). Moreover, the state offers some top-notch casinos on its territory.

Most studies verify that almost every adult in the region occasionally gambles in a land-based casino or online. They see it as an opportunity to try their luck and simply have fun. Most gamblers treat it as entertainment that can take their mind off things and possibly bring some extra cash into the family budget.

If you want to explore the gambling industry, go to Queensland. You’ll be able to check out probably every possible kind of game from poker and card games to table games, slots, lotteries, Keno, Bingo, and others.

Region’s visitors also enjoy the best Queensland has to offer. For instance, they may book a room in a hotel that has a casino. This way, they won’t have to go anywhere because the casino is already in the building. Most options have resort-like amenities and let you relax, have fun, enjoy your life to the fullest.

Bottom line

All in all, Queensland is a very appealing state for gamblers. It has some of the biggest casinos and high-quality services. Players can have fun betting on anything from racing and sports to poker and slot machines. Considering that the industry is legalized, one may stay sure that casino owners remain transparent and honest.

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