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Gambling in the Victoria State

Have you ever wondered about the huge success of casinos and gambling activities of Australia and the main reasons behind it? Even though not everyone in the country is attracted to this way of entertainment, the data shows that the industry still has a lot of potential for further development. The article will dive into the gambling opportunities of Victoria State using relevant statistics and interesting facts.  It is essential to consider every aspect and feature of the state before choosing it as the place for gambling.

Statistical background of Victoria

Victoria is the state on the very Southeast of Australia with 237,659 square kilometers of land, which makes it second smallest in the country. However, do not be fooled, it has the highest density of population living per square kilometer among all other states. Total quantity of its citizens is over 6.5 million, most of which live in the big cities on the coast of the country.

What makes the state important for the gambling industry of the country is the location of one of the biggest cities of Australia in it. The population of Greater Melbourne makes up over 75% of all the people living in the country. In addition to this, the state has the second richest economy among others too and a great part of it comes directly from gambling businesses and casinos. As of the end of 2018, staggering $5.8 billion were spent by gamblers of this state in pokies compared to 24.8 billion countrywide. The state turnover in the gambling industry has peaked at 37.7 billion USD that year.

Casinos of the state that you should visit

The legal activity of land –based casinos of Victoria is controlled by The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, which means that everything is in compliance with the laws

Considering the fact that Victoria is almost the most popular state of Australian gamblers, the choice of high-quality land-based pokies will meet any expectations and in some cases exceed them

These casinos have very different approaches to providing gambling experience and might be interested for different clients. Continue reading to make your choice.

Crown Casino

This casino is a part of one of the best resorts of the country. As a famous luxurious place, it is usually on the list of travel destinations for tourists. You can literally find anything here from the world’s best restaurants to top-notch shopping malls. The Crown Entertainment Complex is a huge building that hosts most of the casino table games and pokies. It is such an experience to gamble in a place like that.

But enough about the resort, casinos are what we are here for. Melbourne Casino is currently the biggest casino in the country. It is not surprising that so many gamblers prefer this place to the alternatives. More than 2600 gambling pokies and machines complimented with 540 table games make it the ultimate option. The setting and the atmosphere here is not something you can easily find.

The Skyways Tavern

This place is quite the opposite of the previous one yet it does not make it less attractive. It does not offer any table games but has over a hundred pokies, which is more than enough to make a spin.

Moreover, as it comes from the name, the casino is connected with a great restaurant and bar, where you can get a drink in a comfortable atmosphere. This is the place for those who want to gamble in a pleasant and not crowded setting.

The overall gambling opportunities the state can offer

Overall, there are 18 land-based casinos of different size and type in the state. However, those are not the only places where you can find pokies to gamble. According to the statistics, there are more than 2500 of them in Victoria state. The total number of table games is yet unknown.

Currently most of them are opening their doors for the visitors again, which only means that the industry will only expand both in the state and countrywide. You can even find yourself gambling on the board of a cruise ship with P&O Cruises – Aurora, which can be an extraordinary experience for anyone.


It is safe to say that Victoria should be on your list of dream destinations if you consider yourself a professional gambler. Greater Melbourne is the location of the biggest casino in the country that is connected to the prestige resort and entertainment complex. If it is not your vibe, you can choose something less luxurious from dozens of less expensive places that offer top-notch gambling experience.

The popularity of the state among professional and amateur gamblers is completely logical. It has a warm and sunny climate and is located on the coast of the ocean, which only adds to its attractiveness.

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