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Jordan vs South Korea

Jordan vs South Korea

That’s it! The match is over! A major upset has just happened at the Asian Cup! Everyone expected South Korea to be in the final, but Jürgen Klinsmann’s men were completely outplayed in the match against Jordan, who delivered a dazzling performance and completely outmaneuvered their more illustrious opponent!

The first finalist is known, and the second will be determined tomorrow. In an exciting match, the teams of Qatar and Iran will face off. But for now, we leave the Jordanian team and their fans to celebrate. They were magnificent!


The added time is over, but the teams will play a bit more due to substitutions and time-wasting by the players in white.


That was dangerous! A cross from the left flank into Jordan’s penalty area, Lee Kang-in dived beautifully, headed the ball, but missed the target!


Jordan’s team still has energy! They are pressing the nominal hosts very well!


The South Korean team quickly regained possession, Son Heung-min boldly rushed down the left flank and almost reached the face of goal, but couldn’t get past the defender.


Jordan’s team also managed to transition into attack. The nominal hosts earned a corner, but are not in a hurry to take it. There’s no expectation for a cross, it will be a short corner play.


Another cross from the left flank into Jordan’s penalty area, a poor clearance went straight into the hands of the goalkeeper, who was immediately surrounded by his teammates and patted on the head.


Lee Kang-in delivered a dangerous cross from the right corner, but the ball was cleared. South Korea retains possession, continuing the siege of the penalty area.


South Korea’s attack is coming to nothing. Another attempt to cross into the penalty area, Hyun-chun Yang couldn’t reach the ball in a duel with Abu Hashish. Corner kick.


Rajai Ayed Rajai Ayed also entered the game for Jordan, replacing Nizar Al-Rashdan.


Ibrahim Sadeh A double substitution for Jordan. Mahmoud Al-Mardi left the field first, replaced by Ibrahim Sadeh.


The referee added eight minutes to the second half’s regular time. This is all South Korea has left.


Cho Kyu-sung A decent opportunity for South Korea. Cho Kyu-sung broke into the penalty area but lost pace and decided to fall to the ground after contact with a defender. That was Bara Marei, but there was no foul, and the South Korean player received a card for simulation.


Too many mistakes from South Korea. A very decent cross from the left into the penalty area, Hyun-chun Yang was unchallenged at the back post, but instead of shooting, he made a lay-off to the penalty area line. A turnover on level ground.


The final minutes of the second half’s regular time are underway. Can South Korea end their journey in the tournament in such an inglorious manner?


Kim Tae-hwan delivered a dangerous cross from the right flank, Abu Layla punched the ball away with his fists. Seol Yun-woo was on the rebound, tried to shoot from the edge of the penalty area, but was blocked!


Jordan is not fading away at all. The nominal hosts are not pressing back towards their goal but are attacking, and Al-Rashdan shot from long distance. It went over the bar.


Anas Al-Awadat Substitution for Jordan. Anas Al-Awadat came on for Yazan Al-Naimat, who received medical treatment on the field.


Jeong Seung-hyun Disaster for South Korea. Jeong Seung-hyun blatantly fouled Al-Naimat on the flank, receiving a card for it.


Jordan is preparing a substitution. Al-Tamari, by the way, has returned to the field but is limping slightly. Nonetheless, he manages to energize the stands!


Jeong Woo-yeon Jeong Woo-yeon also came on to try and save South Korea, replacing Lee Jae-sung.


Hyun-chun Yang A double substitution for South Korea. Hwang Hee-chan was replaced by Hyun-chun Yang.


Son Heung-min passed to the left to Hwang Hee-chan, who sent a low cross into the center, but a defender was there to cover it in time.


A cross from the right flank into Jordan’s penalty area, Nasib defended well at the back post. It must be said, South Korea is having trouble in aerial duels today.


Al-Tamari is injured. Looks like a muscle problem for the Jordan forward. He moved off the field, waiting for medical attention.


South Korea’s corner kick didn’t work out. The ball was sent from the left corner to the near post, easily cleared by Jordan. There was a foul in the attack by Al-Arab.


Jordan’s players won a throw-in, which they then turned into a corner kick.


South Korea’s players are trying to waste time, but a corner kick finally comes. Cho Hyun-woo reached for the ball at the far post, and Al-Arab crashed into him hard. A foul in the attack.


Another mistake by South Korea’s players in the opponent’s half. Cho Kyu-sung, instead of an easy pass to a teammate, managed to send the ball out of play.


Jordan’s team managed to regain possession in the opponent’s half, sending a long ball from the left flank into the penalty area, which South Korea’s team managed to clear.


The corner for South Korea didn’t turn out well, and then an offside was called by the referee. Needless to say, Jordan’s goalkeeper is not in a hurry. The referee is warning him.


A great moment for South Korea! Lee Kang-in played a one-two with Son, and under the return pass, he was already breaking through one-on-one, but a defender managed to clear the ball to a corner in time! It was Abu Hashish who intervened in time, playing riskily but saving the day!


South Korea’s players have moved to the opponent’s half, but the Jordanians have dropped almost their entire team closer to their goal.


A low pass into Jordan’s penalty area, Son Heung-min received the ball with his back to goal, and a defender managed to cleanly take it away from him.


Disaster for South Korea! Klinsmann’s charges need to move forward, but nothing is working out in the attack.


2:0 Musa Al-Tamari GOAL! Jordan is tearing the opponent apart! Al-Tamari is simply magnificent today! Another counterattack, Musa moved from the right flank and beautifully shot low into the far corner from the edge of the penalty area! Cho Hyun-woo couldn’t reach it in his dive!


Al-Tamari and Lee Jae-sung fought for an aerial ball, and the Jordan player was happy to fall to the ground after feeling contact.


Another dangerous moment for Jordan! Al-Tamari managed to break into the penalty area, shot dangerously under a defender, and Cho Hyun-woo reacted with difficulty!


Mohammad Abu Hashish Abu Hashish received a yellow card. Apparently, for wasting time.


Bara Marei is fine, no need for medical attention for the Jordan defender. The game continues.


Now Bara Marei has grabbed his leg and is waiting for medical staff. The replay showed that Lee Jae-sung stepped on his ankle from behind.


Abu Layla seems to have picked up an injury, judging by everything. Medical staff came out to the Jordan goalkeeper. Who knows, maybe the nominal hosts are starting to employ some minor football tricks?


A good delivery from the right corner to the goalkeeper’s line, where Cho Kyu-sung won the aerial duel, but it seemed like he hit the ball with his nose. It was inaccurate, above the crossbar.


Son Heung-min earned a corner on the right flank. The Koreans have high hopes for him!


Al-Naimat was fouled in midfield by Jeong Seung-hyun from behind. Another Jordan counterattack was stopped, but no card was shown.


Jordan’s team went on another counterattack, even attempted a backheel play, but couldn’t sharpen the situation this time. Yes, it won’t be easy for South Korea to save the game.


Cho Kyu-sung A substitution for South Korea. Cho Kyu-sung came on, replacing Hwang In-beom.


Jordan scored in their first attack of the second half. I suspect they might now drop even deeper as the nominal hosts.


1:0 Yazan Al-Naimat GOAL! Jordan’s players intercepted the ball from the South Korean player and organized a great counterattack! Al-Tamari delivered a superb through pass into the penalty area between two defenders, and Al-Naimat confidently chipped Cho Hyun-woo!


Kim Tae-hwan connected very well down the right flank, ran onto a through ball, and delivered a cross into the penalty area. It went straight into the goalkeeper’s hands. Yazeed Abu Layla played confidently.


South Korea’s players are combining, but Jordan’s team is defending very tightly. There’s not much space for Jürgen Klinsmann’s team.


An attempt to attack down the right flank by South Korea, but a defender was there first. The ball was cleared.


South Korea’s players are controlling the ball at the start of the second half. Perhaps the nominal guests will take the game more seriously now.


The second half has started! Apparently, there were no substitutions during the break.


The whistle blows, the first half is over!

So far, a challenging match for both teams. Surprisingly, Jordan took the initiative from the start, and it took some time for South Korea to settle into this semifinal. It seemed that Klinsmann’s charges managed to take control in the second half of the period, but Jordan retaliated with a couple of dangerous counterattacks. The second half will be very interesting; everyone wants to reach the final! Let’s take a break for now.


Wow! How did Hwang In-beom miss that? A very dangerous attack by South Korea at the end, Seol Yun-woo delivered a cross from the left flank to the center, and no one was blocking Beom! It seemed like a precise shot into the corner would result in a goal! But instead, the midfielder sent the ball very high!


Another attack by South Korea was interrupted because Abu Hashish defended very well, and Lee Kang-in, trying to recover the ball, committed a foul on the opponent.


A delivery from a free-kick towards Jordan’s goal, but the nominal hosts cleared it without much trouble this time. The ball was cleared.


Ehsan Haddad Hwang Hee-chan received a nasty blow to the head, Ehsan Haddad raised his leg too high in a duel for the ball, receiving a deserved yellow card for it.


David Beckham thought it necessary to attend our match. The legendary Brit is watching the field very attentively.


The referee added five minutes to the first half’s regular time.


Hwang Hee-chan received the ball on the left in Jordan’s penalty area, tried to deliver a low cross to the center, but an opponent’s defender covered it.


We saw a magnificent dribbling from Al-Naimat, for sure. His breakthrough will definitely make it into the match’s highlight reel.


What a moment! It seemed like Jordan’s counterattack was fading, but Yazan Al-Naimat from the right edge of the penalty area slipped between two players, eluded a third, and shot from the goal line! Cho Hyun-woo blocked it with his face in time! And then he coped with Al-Tamari’s follow-up shot!


A rare attack for Jordan in the last minutes. Haddad managed to deliver a cross from the right flank, and Al-Naimat tried to execute a bicycle kick in a fall, but it went far off target.


South Korea earned a corner on the right flank. A decent cross to the near post, Hwang Hee-chan tried to reach the ball, but couldn’t make it.


A cross from the left flank into Jordan’s penalty area, but it went straight to an opponent’s head. Jordan’s nominal hosts cleared the danger.


Lee Kang-in received the ball on the right flank, tried to outplay two opponents at once, but didn’t manage to deliver a cross. Jordan’s defense coped with the situation. South Korea retains possession.


South Korea’s players can’t transition into attack in the last few minutes, making too many passing errors.


Jordan’s players are trying to calm the game down a bit, slowly passing the ball around.


South Korea is starting to take control. Klinsmann’s team is holding the ball very well now.


POST! And here’s a great response from South Korea! A cross into the center of the penalty area, Lee Kang-in won the aerial duel, headed well, but hit the post!


No penalty! Moreover, the referee decided that Al-Arab was the one fouled in the penalty area. The Jordan player greeted the referee’s decision with applause.


Yazan Al-Arab Al-Arab himself got injured, and medical staff are assisting him. The main referee went to review the video. He should cancel it.


PENALTY for Jordan! Al-Arab went for a tackle in the penalty area but crashed into Seol Yun-woo’s leg, as the referee saw it. It seemed like mutual contact. VAR will intervene.


Now Al-Tamari shot from the edge of the penalty area under Kim Young-gwon, but sent the ball over the crossbar.


Another good opportunity! A long ball into South Korea’s penalty area, Al-Naimat couldn’t position himself properly under the ball, and it wasn’t easy to do so.


Jordan attacks dangerously again! Al-Naimat shot powerfully from outside the penalty area, and Cho Hyun-woo saved it in a dive! So far, the nominal hosts have trouble with follow-up shots, as the Korean goalkeeper is not clearing the ball perfectly.


Finally, something from South Korea! Seol Yun-woo received the ball on the left in the penalty area, outplayed Haddad, and delivered a cross to the center. A Jordan defender cleared it, but straight to Lee Kang-in, who volleyed, but way over the crossbar. He couldn’t position himself properly under the ball.


The first half’s midpoint is upon us. South Korea’s players are holding the ball more often, but Jordan’s team is defending very tightly, leaving little room for options.


Haddad joined the attack, received the ball on his right flank, but couldn’t outplay the South Korean defender one-on-one.


The first minutes of the match are behind us, still 0:0, and South Korea’s team is not pleasing its fans so far. Nothing is working out in the attack, and there’s a lot of work in defense.


Son Heung-min scored against the opponent, breaking through one-on-one and confidently lobbing the goalkeeper, but the South Korean forward was significantly offside.


Cho Hyun-woo in action! That was quite dangerous! A very convenient rebound for a Jordan player led to a shot from the edge of the penalty area, and the South Korean goalkeeper saved it in a dive!


A very good cross from a free kick, initially two Jordan players couldn’t reach the ball, and then another player in white managed to catch up with it in an awkward position. There was also an offside in the end.


Hwang In-beom Hwang In-beom received a card. A Jordan counterattack was stopped. It’s quite far from the goal, we’re waiting for a cross.


Jordan’s players are starting to commit fouls, Son Heung-min ended up on the ground.


A long ball into South Korea’s penalty area, but no one managed to run onto it. Cho Hyun-woo calmly caught the ball.


Klinsmann is still sitting on the bench, but his counterpart, Husin Ammouta, is already on his feet, though very pensive so far.


Al-Mardi took a hit and even needed assistance. Everything is fine, he should return to the field.


Jordan’s pressing paid off. Al-Mardi was fouled by an opponent, forcing a foul. Lee Kang-in is to blame.


Yes, South Korea’s players have possession, but they can’t advance into an attack yet.


South Korea’s players finally intercepted the ball, immediately drowned in boos from the stands. Klinsmann’s players need to try to control the ball.


Jordan’s players continue to control the ball. So far, the Koreans can’t get into the game.


Oh, another dangerous shot at South Korea’s goal! Haddad fired from long distance on the right edge, but couldn’t hit the far top corner! The goalkeeper jumped, but it seemed like he wouldn’t have reached it.


Al-Mardi delivered a cross from the right corner to the goalkeeper’s area, but the Koreans managed to clear. Jordan keeps possession. The attack continues.


And here’s the first good moment! Nizar Al-Rashdan from the right edge of the penalty area made a good shot, but couldn’t hit the near corner! There was a slight deflection, let’s see the corner.


Jordan’s fans outnumber South Korea’s fans today. As soon as Son Heung-min touched the ball, a loud buzz rose from the stands.


Jordan’s team started the match quite aggressively, with the game mostly taking place in South Korea’s half. Klinsmann’s charges can’t get a grip on the ball.


Let’s go! The game has started! Jordan’s team kicked off from the center of the field. The nominal hosts are in white, while South Korea’s players are in dark.


The Asian Cup is taking place in Qatar from January 12 to February 10. Who made it to the final stage of the tournament? And who is the favorite?


Welcome to all football fans! We are pleased to offer you a live text commentary of the Asian Cup semifinal match: Jordan vs South Korea. The match is scheduled to start at 18:00 Moscow time.

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