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The Netherlands Women’s National Football Team

The Netherlands Women's National Football Team

The Netherlands Women’s National Football Team, also known as the “Lionesses,” represents the Netherlands in international football competitions. This team is one of the most successful and respected in the world of women’s football.

History and Achievements:

The Netherlands Women’s National Team was established in 1971 and has since showcased impressive performances on the international stage. One of the defining moments in the team’s history was their participation in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup held in France. During that tournament, the “Lionesses” reached the final where they competed against the strong United States team, earning a well-deserved second-place finish.

However, this is not their only achievement. The Netherlands Women’s National Team also secured victory in the 2017 UEFA Women’s Championship, which took place in their home country. It was a historic moment for football in the Netherlands, and the team received tremendous support from their fans.

Key Players

The squad boasts numerous talented and experienced players who have become true stars of women’s football. Among the key players are Vivianne Miedema, Sherida Spitse, Danielle van de Donk, and Lieke Martens. These footballers have impressive experience and play a vital role in driving the team forward on the field.

Coaching Staff

Success of the team would not be possible without a qualified coaching staff. The head coach of the Netherlands Women’s National Team is Sarina Wiegman. She is a true professional and has managed to form a cohesive and strong team capable of competing against formidable opponents.

Future of the Team

The Netherlands Women’s National Team has a bright future ahead, and their successes are only beginning. With women’s football gaining increasing popularity worldwide, the “Lionesses” will continue to delight their fans and reach new heights.


The Netherlands Women’s National Football Team is a team with a rich history and numerous achievements. Their successes in international tournaments reflect their high level of play and the talent of their players. The “Lionesses” continue to bring joy to their fans and will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy in the history of women’s football.

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