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Designated Survivor

“Designated Survivor” is a term used in the US political system that refers to a cabinet member chosen to remain in a safe location during major gatherings of government officials, such as the President’s State of the Union Address. This measure is provided in the event of a catastrophic event in which the President, Vice President and other senior members of the government could be killed or incapacitated. In such a situation, the “designated survivor” has the right to assume the presidency through the line of succession.

The procedure for selecting a “designated survivor” is based on the principles set forth in the United States Constitution and succession law. The candidate is chosen from among those eligible for the presidency and usually belongs to the political party of the incumbent president. It is important to note that a “designated survivor” must meet all constitutional requirements for a president.

The existence of such practices is a stark reminder of the possibility of sudden and unexpected threats to national security and the need to put in place mechanisms to ensure the continuity of government in all circumstances.

In addition to its original, very serious meaning, the term “Designated Survivor” also became famous thanks to the American television series of the same name. The series tells the fictional story of a minister who unexpectedly becomes president of the United States after a terrorist attack kills much of the government. The series explores themes of power, politics, and the personal drama that arises from such a dramatic change in the protagonist’s life.


The specific location of a “designated survivor” during events such as the State of the Union Address remains highly classified. It is selected for maximum security and the ability to immediately assume the responsibilities of the President if necessary.


The Designated Survivor is usually accompanied by highly trained personnel, including Secret Service agents and advisors, to ensure his safety and ability to perform the duties of the President.

Communications Facilities

Communications facilities are provided that allow the Designated Survivor to remain in contact with military and civilian leaders and make operational decisions.

Succession Scenarios

Succession scenarios have been developed that include the actions of a “designated survivor” in the event of various types of crises. These plans are usually kept secret and updated regularly.

Training: Although the “designated survivor” may not be a member of the current executive cabinet, he or she is expected to receive regular training and briefings in order to be ready to assume the role of president at a moment’s notice.

Nuclear Code Case

On the day the Designated Survivor performs his role, he is also accompanied by a military assistant carrying a “nuclear case” which contains the tools and codes to authorize a nuclear strike.

Unknown Details

Many details of the procedure remain unknown to the general public and are revealed only to those in senior government positions.

These “secrets” are part of protocols designed to maintain the stability and security of government during emergencies. They reflect the seriousness with which the government takes potential threats to national security.

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